Diversity Outreach

With a gift for teaching and passion toward diverse students, Professor Culver serves as the Director of A.I.M. for Law, a diversity pipeline program to assist collegiate students from underrepresented communities in successfully navigating the law school admission process, as well as gaining exposure to the rigorous requirements of law school.  This free program exposes college students to understanding the admission and financial aid process, the importance of personal statements, offers a LSAT overview, introduces them to legal writing in the first year, and challenges them to think about their own professional identity.  Students begin creating relationships not only with like-minded collegiates from various schools, but also connects them with law student mentors, law faculty, and local attorneys and judges.

Outreach event at the U.S. Attorneys Office | Southern District of California

A.I.M. Writing Workshop with CWSL law student mentors

In addition, she founded and launched the first Prepare to A.I.M. for Law Youth Conference, that engages high school students, also from traditionally underrepresented communities, to consider a  career in the legal profession.  This free one-day conference creatively exposes youth to law students, law faculty and the law school community, as well as practicing attorneys from a wide variety of practice areas through interactive workshop sessions and panels.

Prepare to A.I.M. for Law Youth Conference participants listening to attorney panel presentation
Prepare to A.I.M. for Law Youth Conference participant giving an oral argument

For more information contact: aimforlaw@cwsl.edu